A Coaching Program Like No Other:

Become a Certified Universal Law Coach and Truly Be the Change!

If you are on this page, you have been called here.

A paradigm shift is under way.

We have been close for many years and now we are on the doorstep.

You are one of the leaders who has been waiting for this moment. It is time for us to come together and activate change in a big way!

If you have struggled to find you way to a successful business that is of service, then your time is NOW!

Over the years I have watched coaches, healers and teachers just like you struggle to find their place in this industry. So many amazing people who want to be of service and to help others are coming from the right place and are truly ready to make a difference fall short of a sustainable income and feel like they have to comprimise themselves to be successful. My heart aches to tell each and every one of you, "I have been there too. You are not alone. I can help." 

After 20 years of personal, academic and professional exploration I have come to understand why I was struggling and why you may be struggling too and how to leave that life behind - for good. Sometimes all it takes is a tweek to your perception and approach; a tweek that changes everything!

This has become easy for me, because I have learned the Universal Code.

I want to share this code with you.

In fact, I want to share everything I know and give you my entire business model.

Yep, all of it.

This isn't a "Law of Attraction Course." It's way beyond that. This is about mastering the entire scope of the Universal Laws and the Conscious Patterns so that you don't have to feel confused by life or your results anymore. This is about creating a new context for your reality so that you can help your clients do the same. Because this training is so unique and powerful, it makes sense to also make sure you can integrate the new learnings into your own coaching programs with a done for your program.

Whether you want a done for you coaching program or you just want to master the universal laws, this program is the perfect way to take your training, skill and experience to a whole new level!

Do you need to become a coach to be a part of this paradigm shifting program? No. You need only be drawn here. 


Register before December 1, 2018 and receive my crazy amazing bonus - Numerology Blueprint Training!  

This offer gives you coaching, coach training, and a done for you program for less than coaching alone! 

Certification Program Only: $5,000  

Certification & 1 Year of 1:1 Coaching: $7500 

Here's What Is Included... 


12 Months + 12 Laws = Master Manifester

We will spend a full month, 2 live calls each month plus active discussion and supplementary exercises, to immerse ourselves in each law. We will learn the law conceptually and will then use tools and techniques precisely to experience the laws in action. Immersion allows us to transform our lives easily in accordance with, not against, the laws themselves. We will use the principles of Divine Timing, the 6 Basic Human Needs and the Slight Edge to leverage our learning.


Build Peer Relationships & Expand Your Learning!

Support, accountability and connection to help you apply your learning into the real world masterfully and as quickly as you want. Practice what you have learned and share ideas with each other. Imagine the possible collaborations that can be born in a strategic space like this!


Strategic Coaching to Serve Your Unique Needs  

Having a coach to guide you for a full year is often the key ingredient to successful change and expansion. Working with our team of coaches will help you dive deeper into the material, design your own coaching program, or integrate the learnings into a current offering. You will have access to 1-45 minute coaching call each month for a full year. 


Everything You Need to Launch Your Certified Universal Law Coaching Business  

Each of the monthly lessons comes complete with worksheets, exercises and tools that you can use to create a 12 week or 12 month coaching package. You will have everything you need to help your clients understand the 12 Universal Laws and apply them in their own life and business. 

You will also receive Joy's business map that you can model to generate revenue in your business right away. 


Become an Affiliate or Paid Coach/Trainer  

Upon successful completion of the Certified Universal Law Coach Training you may be invited to become a coach, working directly with Joy Kingsborough and the Matrix Coaching team. You will also be authorized to share this program with others and receive a generous referal bonus.

BETA LAUNCH BONUS: The Divine Purpose Blueprint Training

Earn a return on your investment before your program even begins!

When you say yes before July 1, 2018 you will receive access to the live, online, group training called The Divine Blueprint. Joy will teach you the fundamentals of numerology and coach you to create your own unique Blueprint that you can offer to clients as an introductory service right away!  

As part of this training you will receive done for you templates and cut and paste content that you can use as a stand alone offer or add to this blueprint with your own knowledge and interpretations. You do not have to become a numerology expert to apply this knowledge in a meaningful way for your clients.  

Joy will share with you how she made it to her first 6-Figures by sharing this one product with her clients. Learn how to create a customized blueprint that supports your business purpose, how to attract clients with this 1 service (because everyone loves it!), and how to turn these clients into recurring clients over and over again! You could pay your entire investment back before the Certified Universal Law Coach program even begins! 

Let's Summarize the Details

The Program Begins on January 2019.

Group Coaching calls will be held monthly for 12 months.

All group calls will be recorded and available to view offline.

Group Mastermind and Private Coaching calls will be scheduled after enrollment based on individual availability.

 All students who enroll by December 1, 2018 will receive the BONUS, Divine Purpose Blueprint Training.

Students will be considered Certified upon completion of the monthly exercises and buddy coaching calls.

Note: You will need to put aside approximately 12 hours each month to complete the lessons, engage in the mastermind, and to complete your course requirements.


Register before December 1, 2018 and receive my crazy amazing bonus - Numerology Blueprint Training!  

This offer gives you coaching, coach training, and a done for you program for less than coaching alone!

Certification Program Only: $5000

Certification & 1 Year of 1:1 Coaching: $7500