The Zone is a MasterMind for Intuitive Entrepreneurs... and so much more...  

A MasterMind for Intuitive Entrepreneurs. A Conscious Community of Belonging + Connection. A Space to Align . Pivot + Navigate your Purpose.

We know how challenging it is to explore, align + move yourself out into the world in an authentic and effective way. Especially as an Intuitive & Conscious Entrepreneur. Navigating conscious business practices, client & personal relationships and a changing world can feel like an ever-evolving landscape... 

In truth, it is. We are here to change that with you.  

Our Intuition is our Greatest Tool. Calling all... Intuitive, Minimalist Entrepreneurs!

The ZONE ™ Membership Group is a community that is open to anyone who wants to develop their Intuition, Conscious Business practices + Raise their Vibration.  

As you tap in to your intuitive connections, messages and guidance will flow so that you can apply it for yourself, your world and your business; which will honour and serve your highest good. 

We also support aspiring readers to develop their skill and trust in their own intuition through the practice of READING TAROT or NUMEROLOGY. We also provide members seasoned tarot & numerology mentorship services to navigate their world in consciously effective way.

No other time than the present.  

Join our growing Community!

You can continue to receive all the great resources that you have come to know + love from our public community, the Conscious Entrepreneur Collective… but now… 

You can join a private space with amazing conversations, resources, interactive offerings + mentorship!  

MONTHLY . PANEL WORKSHOPS learn new intuitive practices & develop your reading skill + WEEKLY . COMMUNITY MASTERMINDS live readings & support with mentors + TAROT READING SUPPORT post your readings & questions receive feedback from mentors and community members 


ONGOING MEMBERSHIP $37 USD per month monthly . subscription basis have questions | click here to email >>>  

There is no commitment in becoming a member… you are welcome to jump in for a month and see if it aligns with your vision OR stay as long as you like. 


OPTIONAL MENTORING SERVICES also available... BOOK A READING or NUMEROLOGY SESSION members will have the opportunity to book private readings at a special rate... this is not included in the membership but is offered in spirit of supporting our community in all things intuitive!  


For more than 25 years, Joy has leaned on her intuition and a personal connection to the stream of consciousness known to her as Jonah. Her ability to communicate with the spirit world began as a young girl; however, she suppressed her connection until she was 15, when she was introduced to her first tarot deck.

Since then, Joy has nurtured her connection with the spirit world as a tool for healing, clarity, professional growth and personal development. She offers workshops, live events and programs to help you find freedom, peace and ease in a chaotic world. Joy enjoys writing about conscious transformation, channeling, tarot, and numerology integrating her in-depth knowledge of cycles, intuition, and symbolism. 


Sara is a Jane of all Trades in life and work but at the heart of it all is a Conscious + Intuitive Traveller. She supports her business, clients and life daily with intuitive practices and is keenly commited to bringing these practices to life with you!

Currently working as a Brand Advisor, Creative Designer + Soula Therapy Mentor you can lean into her in a variety of ways... 


Meaghan helps business leaders position effectively in the new economy - an evolved way of doing business where your intuition can partner with action for a meaningful, profitable business.  

Business leaders in this new way of doing business are powerful agents for social, cultural and economic change, and their business is the catalyst!  

She will unveil your inner confidence and clarity, so you can view your challenges differently. You will discover new ways of connecting with your ideal client, and understanding their needs and challenges so that your solutions emerge effortlessly. Meaghan uses practical, hands-on tools to create breakthroughs so you can uncover your bold action steps to create powerful momentum towards success on your terms.