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Joy is a spiritual success coach, entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and mom, who was often told as a child that she was too chatty, that no one wanted to hear her speak, and that she should keep quiet. Thankfully, she no longer believes this.

For the past 20 years, Joy’s been studying, practicing, and teaching about vibration and alignment. She’s been on her own journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance; a journey that’s resulted in an appearance on the Dr. Phil television show, four signature programs, hosting a collaborative life-changing annual event, and a new book, “Tarot-Numerology Archetypes.”

These days Joy LOVES speaking in front of small or large audiences, and has a way of bringing a crowd to tears with the sheer passion and love that emanates from her. Joy blends intuition and information to connect with her audience exactly where they need her and help them rise into a new state of consciousness.


” Joy is on another level of EPIC connection and consciousness.  Joy, it was an absolute pleasure having you as a guest on our Soul Yum Life show today.  You are a delight and the divine transmission that pours through you is palpable and radiant.  You are a bright lighthouse here to guide humanity and I am so grateful for all you are and be. ”
: Diana Kottle :

” Joy Kingsborough is creating a powerful ripple effect in the area of feminine leadership and she truly captivated the room with her presence as we hung on every word. It is time for us to step up, to be heard and to create the shift needed to bring our feminine energy and gifts to the forefront. As we harness this power we will be able to collectively change the world ”
: Chantelle Adams :

” Joy’s message is powerful as she encourages women to sit in grace and ease as they stand in their new role as leaders of light for the world”
: Marlo Ellis :

” It’s amazing how one little ‘talk’ with Joy can put everything in to perspective, re-energize you, up lift you, squash insecurities, bring light, help you see the reasons why and charge you up to take over the world! Thank you for being my life and business adviser Joy, I don’t know what I would do without you! ”
: Lisa Taylor :

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